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Flowers for your Home

Have fresh, seasonal flowers in your home from £19.99 per month.

No contract required, you may cancel at any time.

How it Works

1. Choose between 1 or 2 deliveries per month.

Once you have subscribed we will begin to send you either one vase per month or 2 depending on your selection.

The flowers will be different for each delivery and expertly designed by one of our experienced florists

2. You Can cancel at any time.

​You are not tied into a contract, so if you would like stop receiving our seasonal bouquet you can do so at any time.

3. Choose your option below to subscribe.

One delivery per month

Cost - £19.99 per month

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Two deliveries per month

Cost - £38.50 per month

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Pay for a year and save

Cost - £399.00 For 2 deliveries per month for one year.

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For businesses

1 vase display delivered each week

Cost - £17.50 + VAT

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Cost - start from £0.75 + VAT

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